Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

I've often heard that completing an Ironman Triathlon is the ultimate test of physical and mental strength. After running a race half of this distance two weeks ago, I thought that I agreed with this statement.

That was until I received a dose of reality last night. Jessica was working and the little one was fast asleep. This gave me some rare free time. I've taped several episodes of the HBO miniseries called The Pacific. The Pacific is similar to the 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers. It focuses on the United States Marine Corps' actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II within the wider Pacific War. For those of you that know me, you know that I love history, so I was excited to finally get to watch some of these episodes.

It was while watching this last night that I truly saw what a physical and mental test was. The Marines that fought on the jungle islands of Guadalcanal and Peleliu had to deal with circumstances that no human should have to. No food for weeks, no water for days. Not being able to shower or even change clothes for months at a time. Take a second to imagine that. All of this while there is someone trying to kill you on a daily basis. The soldiers that fought in Europe faced similar situations in the mountains.

These guys put triathletes to shame. Exercising for 9, 12 or even 18 hours straight? That's a joke compared to what some of our soldiers have had to face. So take a moment this Memorial Day to remember what sacrifices our military has made for you.

2h25m on the bike in Zone 2.
Still trying to build endurance by riding in heart rate zone 2.
Avg HR for this ride was 126 bpm

2h26m on the bike
Covered 45.23 miles for an average speed of 18.57 mph
Avg HR = 128 bpm
Lots of hills on this route, here's the elevation profile:

1h40m run
Covered 11.87 miles for a pace of 8:29 miles/min
Goal of this run was to keep my heart rate below 162, even on the hills. I noticed it creeping below my zone 2 minimum of 154 several times on the downhills and flats, but this was just meant to be a nice, easy run to build my I didn't worry about the HR being too low. Average heart rate ended up being 151 bpm. Here's my pace chart from the run (still had plenty left in the tank at the end):

Swim - 0:41 (1.22 miles) - 33:12 min/mile pace
Bike - 6:36 (120.23 miles) - 18.2 mph pace
Run - 4:09 (29.68 miles) - 8:24 min/mile pace
TOTAL - 11:26 (151.13 miles)
Not a bad week back after slacking the week after my race. Next week is even more volume in my endurance building zone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Endurance Building

I'm back in the Base Phase of my training. This mean's lots of volume at a low intensity. My runs and rides are based on two things - time and heart rate. Pace/speed is not a concern at this point.

Today was my first long run since my race a week and a half ago...and it's obvious that I need to build my endurance back up. Although I felt fine and could have continued running, my pace ended up being way too slow for where my heart rate was. This will improve over the next few weeks, but right now it looks pretty slow.

My target heart rate for these workouts is 154-162 bpm. I was able to maintain this range for the majority of the run this morning. It dipped below 154 a few times at the beginning, and jumped above 162 a few times when I unconsciously started to speed up. When this happened, I had to slow down to get it back under 162. Overall, my average HR was 156...right where I needed it to be.

Ran 11.41 miles in 1:35:24 (8:21 min/mile pace)
Avg HR = 156 bpm

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Base

While I enjoyed my Transition Phase last week, I'm paying the price for it now. Believe it or not, by limiting myself to three short workouts and not eating as healthy as I normally do, I gained 6 pounds last week! Must have been the lunch buffet at Mr. Gatti's I had on Wednesday...or maybe it was the 3-4 soda's I drank throughout the week....or the homemade cookies at my brother's cookout on Saturday. Either way, as I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, my body isn't quite ready yet.

1h45m on the bike. I'm back into my Base Phase, so that means building my endurance by riding in heart rate zone 2 (125-137 bpm). My average HR for this workout was 127....which is a little low, but still in the zone.

1 mile repeats with 1 minute rest in between
Warm-up lap - 1.2 miles in 9:39 (Avg HR = 155) 8:02 min/mile pace
1) 6:20 (169)
2) 6:54 (171)
3) 7:18 (170)
4) 7:19 (169)
Cool-down lap - 1.2 miles in 10:21 (161) 8:37 min/mile pace
Total Workout - 6.4 miles in 53:10 (164)
This was a tough workout. I felt good after my warm-up and the first mile repeat...but then during the second repeat, my knees started to ache and my legs already felt heavy. As you can see, my times slowed down considerably, even though my average heart rate did not. This means I wasn't working as hard as I thought I was, but I'm not that concerned....after all, I'm carrying around an extra 6 pounds and my legs have been resting for 10 days! I did 10-15 minutes of stretching after the repeats. PS - It's FREAKIN' HOT...even at 5:15am!!

2160 yards in 40:30 (32:59 min/mile pace)
This was just a nice, easy swim for 40 minutes with no break. I felt good the entire way and it was a nice recovery after the run.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Transition Phase

If you follow my blog, you know that over the last seven or so months, I've worked through several phases of training leading up to my race last weekend. It started off with the Prep Phase, then several levels of Base Phase, followed by several levels of Build Phase, then Peak Phase and finally Race Week Phase.

The week after race week (this week) is known as Transition Phase. This is an unstructured period that is meant to recharge your mental and physical batteries. No serious training this week. It's just a week to take it easy and let the body recover and get ready to start back up next week. I've done a few easy workouts this week (45 minute spin class on Tuesday, 1.3 mile run last night with the baby stroller, and a 10 minute swim this morning).

I feel rested and ready to get back into Base building starting next week...but not before I enjoy a weekend of concerts and cookouts!

Something else that I wanted to mention is that according to resent studies, there were 1.2 million triathlon participants in 2009. This represents a growth of 11.1% over 2008 and a staggering 51.4% growth over 2007!

According to the USA Triathlon stats, of this 1.2 million, 694,000 are "core" triathlon participants. They defined "core" as someone that competed in at least two races.

I'm glad to see the sport growing. This growth has spawned two triathlons related stores (one in Louisville and one in Lexington). Just two years ago when I started doing triathlons, I had to order all of my gear online. It's nice to be able to go in a store and shop for equipment now!!

If you like to run, bike, or swim, I suggest you find a sprint triathlon this summer or fall and get started training. WARNING - it's addictive!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taylorsville Lake Triathlon Race Report

Six hours...that was the goal. Finish the race in under six hours.

I had done the math in my head. 50 minutes or less in the water, 3 hours or less on the bike, 2 hours on the run...with 10 minutes to be used in transition or on the bike if I had a flat or other mechanical issue.

The day started at 5:00 am, 3 hours before the start of the race. I had my usual whole wheat beagle with Peanut Butter. Jessica even woke up to have breakfast with me...I know, she's the best. I took care of some other "business" and since all my gear had been packed in the car the night before, I just had to load up my bike and grab my water bottles out of the fridge. I was on the road by 5:45. Here's all the gear:

I got to the race site around 6:40 am. I took my bike down to transition and picked out a nice spot in the front row (furthest from the water exit). I prefer to run further from the water to my bike instead of having to run a longer distance with my bike out of transition. Just my preference. I took my time setting up my transition and went over my steps for both T1 and T2 in my head to make sure I hadn't forgot anything.

I got in line to check in and was marked with #264 on my arm and then my age (32) on my calf. Not sure why they did the age thing...first time I've ever seen that.

By this time transition was full of people and I decided to go ahead and get my wetsuit on and test out the water. After swimming in the lake a few weeks ago, I was nervous about how I would do...and how cold the water would be.

It felt cold, but was definitely not as cold. The water was way up from all the recent rain. See the picture below...those two docks are normally at the end of the parking lot.

Just before the start of the race, I noticed my parents had made it out. They drove an hour all the way out to Taylorsville to see the start of the race. I'm lucky to have such a supportive family...there weren't many other spectators out there at that point.

Right before the race started, I headed out into the water again and decided to warm-up my body the "natural" way. I took a leak in my wetsuit. Sure, it sounds kind of gross, but it worked. I could feel the warmth moving up my body inside the suit...the cold water became almost cozy.

There's nothing quite like that feeling of standing there waiting for the race to start. Knowing this is the last peaceful moment you will have for the next six hours! Then the race on the Play button to see video below.

As with any open water swim, it was an all-out maylay for the first 5 minutes or so. Arms and legs everywhere. I was punched in the head and had to stop several times because there wasn't room to even extend my arms and attempt to swim. I finally settled into a rhythm and found the first buoy. The race was under way! Thanks to a co-worker (Phil Stevens) of a friend for the video of the start!

I never once looked at my watch during the swim. I thought about it, but stopping and pulling my watch up to my face would really slow me down and I was feeling comfortable and relaxed, so I just swam. Even though my goal was 50 minutes or less, I was actually surprised when I exited the water and looked down at my watch to see 46 minutes and some change. I honestly thought that I was swimming faster than that. I still need to work on my sighting...I was obviously not swimming in a straight line.

I ran up to transition taking off my wetsuit along the way. Even though I had only practiced this once, it came off really easy and I'm sure that everyone around me was very impressed.

I got to my bike and finished pulling the wetsuit off of my legs. I then slapped on some SPF 80 around my neck, arms and legs. I was still wet, so it didn't exactly rub into my skin very well. Jessica and Kate had arrived while I was in the water and were there with my parents at T1. It was good to see them before heading off on the bike.

T1 took me longer than I wanted, but I did spend about a minute or so putting on sunscreen...which is a no brainer. I'd rather lose a minute in a race than lose some of my skin to melanoma!

I knew the bike route fairly well from my ride there a few weeks ago. I knew that I was in for a rough three hours, but I felt very fresh out of the water and I knew that my heart rate was still in a good spot. Unfortunately, my bike computer decided not to work (for the first time ever), so I had no idea what mile I was on, or how fast I was going during the bike portion. This really sucked; I depend on this info when I ride and I can't count the number of times I looked down to see my speed and/or mileage just to be reminded that I had neither!

The bike is where you have to get the majority of your nutrition for a race of this distance. So about 15 minutes into the bike, I started drinking Gatorade...which I did every 15-20 minutes for the entire ride. As I was heading up one of the monstrous hills, I lost my grip on my bottle. It was too early in the ride to let it go...I would need the I had to stop, turn around and get it. Not fun. All of my momentum was lost.
Here's the bike course elevation (that hill at mile 46 is agonizing):

I started eating my PowerBar bites about 45 minutes into the ride and was able to get in 4 of the 6 I had stuck to my bike frame. I also took in a gel at 1 hour, 1:45 and 2:30. There was a bottle service at the half-way mark (mile 28), so I chucked my empty bottle of Gatorade and replaced it with water. I alternated water and Gatorade for the last half-hour of the bike.

Around mile 47, I was shirting gears heading up that large hill and my chain popped off the gear. Having to stop and fix this cost my about 3-4 minutes, but I was so close to the end, I didn't let it bother me.

I headed back into transition just under three hours (2:56). I was happy with this time considering the two times that I had to come to a complete stop along the way.

I dropped off the bike and helmet, put on my running shoes and hat, threw three gels in my pockets and headed out on the run.

The run starts off with a very big uphill climb. This is not very fun coming off of three hours sitting on a bike and my legs were screaming! Both quads started to cramp as I reached the top of the hill. I gave them a smack and said "come on legs!". The pep-talk must have worked, the cramps disappeared and never came back.

The course was three loops of an out-and-back with lots of rolling hills. Fortunately, that first big hill wasn't seen again until you got to run down it at the end. Here's the run course elevation:

The hills don't look that big on the chart, but trust me, they are no fun. I took in water at every station and started taking in HEED during the last half of the run. The problem that I had was that my stomach was full of liquid from the bike. I could literally hear the water and Gatorade sloshing around in my belly. The temperature was rising, but with the stomach issues, there was no way I could eat any of the gels that I had planned on taking during the run.

So even though I could hear (and feel) my stomach sloshing around with every step, I had not choice but to continue taking in water and HEED. I needed the calories and carbs in order to complete the run.

The course was very tough from a mental standpoint. Three loops of the same route play havoc with your mind. You see the same scenery, the same people going the opposite direction...over and over again. It's like Groundhog Day from hell! I completed the first half (1-1/2 loops) in 1 hour and 2 minutes (9:27 min/mile). While I knew that this wasn't the pace that I wanted, I knew that I could probably sustain it for the second half. I stopped running only to drink HEED or water and even continued to walk during these brief 10-20 second periods. I could feel blisters forming on the balls of my feet, but I knew that I had to keep moving.

I passed several people that had started walking during that last lap. Casualties were mounting up very quickly as the sun had come out and temperatures were in the low 70's. I began to drink the HEED and dump the water on my head to try and stay cool. Once I reached the last water stop, I emptied out the tank and ran as hard as I could back down the hill to the finish.

At this point, I knew that my 6 hour goal was going to be a reality.

I crossed the line at 5:57:38 and was never more happy to be done with something in my life. In the words of the old Nickelodeon TV show, I took "the physical challenge"...and successfully completed it!

At the time I was very excited that I had done the race in under 6 hours, but looking back at my times for each discipline, I know that I can do better! I'll take it easy this week and then start training next week for my next Half Ironman...Cardinal Harbour on July 17th!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Official Taylorsville Triathlon Results

Swim (1.2 miles): 46:50.50 (39:02 min/mile pace) - 8th in age group

T1: 2:49.60 - 8th in age group

Bike (56 miles): 2:56:08.9 (19.1 mph) - 9th in age group

T2: 1:15.9 - 5th in age group

Run (13.1 miles): 2:10:33.9 (9:58 min/mile pace) - 8th in age group

Total: 5:57:38.8 - 9th in age group, 34th out of 78 overall

Full race report and pictures will be posted later today or tomorrow...lots to talk about!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Numbers for the year...

My first "A" Priority race of the year is tomorrow. I'm really excited right now, nerves will probably set in once my head hits the pillow tonight.

Before any big race, I like to look back and see exactly what my training volume has been for this race. Here's a look back at what I've done since November 1st...when I started my training plan:

Swim - 27 hours 23 minutes | 44.86 miles | 36:36 min/mile avg. | 17,944 calories burned

Bike - 98 hours 24 minute | 1765.77 miles | 17.9 mph avg. | 70,630 calories burned

Run - 66 hours 38 minutes | 485.31 miles | 8:11 min/mile avg. | 48,531 calories burned

TOTALS - 192 hours 24 minutes | 2,295.94 miles | 137,105 calories burned

Not included in this is the approx. 2-3 hours a week of weight training

So if I had started heading west on November 1st, and been able to swim, bike and run...I would have made it all the way to Los Angeles, then turned around and made it all they way back to Las Vegas. I'm sure there's a better way to get there though! Unless you're Forest Gump.

Quick little brick just to get the legs going.
30 minutes on the bike (Avg. HR = 129)
Quick Transition (42 seconds) into a run
10 minute run at a little faster than race pace (1.4 miles) for a pace of 7:08 min/mile. Avg. HR = 159
Total workout - 40:51 - with an avg HR of 131

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gear Checklist

I'm starting to get excited about Saturday's race. With all almost all of my training done, it's time to focus on some other aspects of triathlon racing...such as getting all of the required gear together.

I've made a list of everything (hopefully) that I will need to pack in the car and take with me to the race. Here's what I've come up with:

Swim Items:
  • Swim cap (may be provided, but I'll take one anyway)
  • Goggles
  • Tri Shorts
  • Spare Goggles (straps have been known to break)
  • Wetsuit
  • Plastic bag (Walmart/Kroger bag) to assist in putting on the wetsuit
  • Body Glide
  • Warm Bottle of water (tip I got from another triathlete - I'll dump this down my suit to keep my body warm right before entering the water)
 Bike Items:
  • Bike (duh)
  • Racing Shirt
  • Bike Shoes
  • Socks
  • Pump
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
Run Items:
  • Shoes (with bungee laces)
  • Hat
  • Socks (may use same socks that I biked in, we'll see what kind of shape their in after the bike)
Clothing Items:
  • Pre-Race warm clothing
  • Flip-Flops
  • Towel
  • Post-Race clothing
Misc Items:
  • Race Registration Confirmation
  • Garbage Bag (for wet clothing/wetsuit)
  • Race number belt
  • Sunscreen
  • Chap Stick
  • Watch
  • Towel for Transition Area
  • 2 Water Bottles / 2 Gatorade Bottles
  • 2 PowerBars
  • 6 Gel packs
That's it. Seems like a lot of stuff, and some of it I could do the race without, but it's all necessary if I want to have a good race. Navin from the movie "The Jerk" would be proud.

So I'll lay all of this stuff out in the garage Friday night and go over my checklist one more time before packing it all up. Then Saturday morning, I can get up, eat breakfast, and head straight out to the race site without having to worry about having everything...well...maybe I'll double check the list again before I leave!

Tempo Run
I did 4 laps around the mall (1.23 miles per lap)
1) 9:53 - Avg HR = 145 (8:02 min/mile pace)
2) 9:16 - 159 (7:32)
3) 9:13 - 165 (7:29)
4) 9:47 - 163 (7:57)
The premise behind a tempo run is to start out at a comfortable pace, gradually speed up in the middle, then end at a comfortable pace. This is the perfect type of run to do during race week. Pushed it for about 20 minutes, but nothing that will leave me fatigued.
Total Workout - 4.92 miles in 38:10 - (7:45 min/mile)

Day Off!!! Rest!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Replacing Calories Burned

So the half-ironman triathlon that I will do this Saturday will take approximately 6 hours to complete. This is 6 hours of non-stop, high intensity exercise. Many, many calories will be burned during the swim, bike and run.

I estimate that I will burn approximately 500 calories swimming, 1900 calories cycling, and 2000 calories running....for a total of 4500 calories or more during the entire race.

Needless to say, if I didn't replace any of these calories during the race, I would run out of juice way before the finish line. The good news is that lots of these calories that are burned are fat, which does not need replacing. So I don't have to attempt to consume 4500 calories...which I doubt I could hold down anyway!

According to studies, during an event such as this, you need to take in around 300 calories per hour on the bike and about 150 per hour on the run. So with this in mind, I've devised a nutrition plan, starting with the day before the race:

Friday- Final large meal should have an ample amount of complex carbohydrates that are moderate in glycemic nature. I'll probably try and eat some whole-wheat pasta with a little lean protein and vegetables for a great meal around lunch time. The remainder of the day will look much like my normal day-to-day nutrition. Small meals that are eaten frequently, balanced between low glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. No big dinner - If you load up on carbohydrates the night before the race, the only thing you will gain is weight.

Saturday- Wake up about 3 hours out from the start of the race and eat a medium sized breakfast that contains a good amount of complex carbohydrates, and a small amount of healthy fats (not saturated) and proteins (400-800 calories) - one gram of protein for every three to four grams of carbohydrate.

30-45 minutes before the race, I'll slowly start to drink some Gatorade until it’s time to enter the water.

Bike - Consuming 24 ounces per hour of Gatorade will provide the hydration and electrolyte replacement I need. Plan is to remember to drink every 15 minutes. After 90-120 minutes of activity (about 30 minutes into the bike) my body will start to require protein as part of its fueling source. If protein is not present, your body will begin to cannibalize its own muscle for energy...not good! This is where the PowerBars come in. I'll eat bite size pieces slowly - a bar should last at a minimum 30 minutes, and possibly as long as 75 minutes. No solid foods 30 minutes before the end of the bike.

Run – gels every 45 minutes, hydrate at every aid station

Here's the nutritional info of what I plan on packing on my bike and in my pockets while running:
PowerBar Performance Energy (Peanut Butter) - 1 bar = 240 calories, 200mg sodium, 44g Carbs, 105mg Potassium, 25g sugar, 9g protein

Clif Shot Gel (Razz) - 1 pack = 100 calories, 40mg sodium, 25g Carbs, 30mg Potassium, 8g sugar, 0g protein

Gatorade (Orange) - 1 bottle (20oz)= 130 calories, 210mg sodium, 33g Carbs, 65mg Potassium, 31g sugar, 0g protein

Prerace = 1 gel, 1 bottle Gatorade
Bike = 2 bars, 3 gels, 2 bottles Gatorade
Run = 3 gels

Run Intervals (6 x 4 laps (.286 miles))
Warm-up- 1mi - 8:04 - Avg Hr = 143
1) 1:51 - Avg HR = 151 (6:28 min/mile pace)
2) 1:53 - 152 (6:35)
3) 1:50 - 156 (6:24)
4) 1:47 - 160 (6:14)
5) 1:47 - 161 (6:14)
6) 1:45 - 164 (6:07)
Cool-down - .718mi - 5:45 (8:00 min/mile pace) - 153
Total - 3.434 miles in 35:49

Easy Swim session with some 8 lap speed sets
Total - 1008 yards in 21:04

Monday, May 10, 2010

Race Week!

It's race week! I'm excited and can't wait for Saturday morning to get here!

In the last several weeks before an event it is too late to significantly increase fitness, but it is not too late to increase fatigue. So based on this fact, I will be doing some short, high intensity workouts this week - nothing too hard.

Despite what your mind tells you, tapering (taking it easy a week or two before a race) allows you to store more fuel, deliver more oxygen to muscles, and maintain higher intensities than would have been possible before the taper. Reducing training for two to three weeks before the race will not reduce fitness.

I will talk about nutrition (before and during the race) later this week. One of the key things to nutrition is to try everything during training that you plan to do during the race. With that in mind, I decided to take some PowerBars on my bike rides this past weekend to practice eating them while riding.

The initial plan was to cut them into bite-size pieces and put them in a plastic bag and store them in my bike bag on my frame. I did this Saturday and when I went to pull out one of the pieces, they were all stuck together. So I inadvertently pulled out the whole bag and immediately lost it to the wind. This is exactly the reason these things need to practiced! So yesterday, I came up with plan B...

I still cut the PowerBar into strips, but this time I just stuck them to my bike frame. They are very sticky and this worked perfectly. I just reach down and pull one off every once in a while...yummy!

Bike - 9.55 miles in 29:27 (19.46 mph) - Avg HR = 137
Transition - 1:45 - Avg HR = 115
Run - 4.34 miles in 32:06 (7:23 min/mile) - Avg HR = 155
Total Workout - 13.89 miles in 1:03:21 - Avg HR = 146

1h5min on the bike.
10 minute warm-up
45 minute spin class with lots of good 1-2 minute intervals
10 minute cool-down

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy Saturday!

Started off the morning by heading out to see my wife Jessica run her first road race. It was a 5K through the zoo. She did an awesome job and has now apparently caught the "bug". She's already looking for another race to run. I couldn't be more proud of her. She's the definition of a super woman. A great mom, photographer, and now athlete? I'm having trouble keeping up!

After the race, we spent some time hanging out at the zoo...which is always fun. It's one of Kate's favorite places! Here's some pictures from our day:

After the zoo, I managed to sneak in a brick workout, which went really well. I'm down to 6 days until my first even half-ironman. Am I ready? I hope so, because there's nothing that I can do at this point to increase my endurance...let's just hope all the training was enough!

1h30m on the bike.
10 minute warm-up in heart rate zones 1 & 2
70 minutes of hard riding in zone 3 (avg HR = 140)
10 minute cool-down
Followed the workout with 45 minutes of weights (back, shoulders, biceps, abs)

Bike - 20.64 miles in 1:04:19 (19.25 mph) - Avg HR = 137
Transition - 2:43 - Avg HR = 114
Run - 4.06 miles in 30:10 (7:25 min/mile) - Avg HR = 153
Total Workout - 24.7 miles in 1:37:16 - Avg HR = 141

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 4 minute mile day!

No, I didn't run a 4 minute mile, but Roger Bannister did on this day in 1954. For many years, the scientific and athletic communities thought that it was impossible to run a four-minute mile. It was first achieved 56 years ago by Roger in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds. The 'four minute barrier' has since been broken by many male athletes, and is now the standard of all professional middle distance runners. In the last 50 years the mile record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds.

It's funny how much impact other people have on an athlete's performance. No one thought that the mile could be run in under 4 minutes...until Roger Bannister did it. By the end of 1957 (2-1/2 years after Roger broke the barrier), 16 other runners had logged sub-4-minute miles! So never think you can't accomplish something because someone else says it's impossible!!

Ran 7.16 miles in 55:19 (7:43 min/mile pace). Avg HR = 153
I'm continuing my Peak Phase by limiting the volume of my workouts and increasing the intensity. I started this run at a modest pace and then about 20 minutes in, I slowly ramped up the pace through the remainder of the run. 

TODAY = Day Off!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peak Week

With my first Half-Ironman Triathlon only 10 days away, my training has turned to Peak Phase this week. Peak Phase is basically high-intensity, low-volume workouts to help your body reach maximum fitness right before your key race. Most of these workouts involve "race pace" training. Next week will be race week where things will taper off and involve very short workouts.

1h30min on the bike. Spin class consisted of 45 minutes of this workout, where I really pushed it to try and simulate my effort on race day. Average HR was 133, with most of the class spent in zone 3 (intensive endurance), 138-142 bpm.
45 minutes of weights (legs, abs)

1/2 mile intervals
1 mile warm-up (8:27) - Avg HR = 136
(8) 1/2 mile intervals with a steady build-up in speed during each interval. 30 seconds rest in between
1) 3:45 (Avg HR = 148)
2) 3:45 (151)
3) 3:40 (155)
4) 3:41 (157)
5) 3:39 (158)
6) 3:41 (160)
7) 3:43 (161)
8) 3:39 (163)
1 mile cool-down (7:42) - Avg HR = 153
As you can see, the 30 seconds of rest wasn't enough for my heart rate to recover, it climbed pretty steadily throughout the workout, which is ok. I still managed to stay in zones 2 & 3, which is pretty good for such short intervals.
Total Workout: 6.0 miles in 55:13

20 minutes of weights (chest, triceps, abs)

1488yd in 29:54 (35:21 min/mile)
The first 10 minutes of so of this workout was done in the pool with my wetsuit on. I wanted to make sure that my issues at Taylorsville Lake last weekend were not due to my suit being too tight. Turns out I felt very comfortable in the pool with it on (other than it being way too hot). The hyperventilating at the lake must have been due to the cold water...I'll have to figure out what to do about this for next Saturday's race.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weather Is Not Cooperating!

Plan was to do a long run and do a brick this weekend...mother nature saw to it that this did not happen!



I managed to get in a short workout both days, but I can't help be feel like I'm a little behind now. One more week to make it up before race week. Workout details below. But first, here's some pictures of last weekend's miniMarathon.

This is what I look like in an all-out sprint to the finish line!

1 mile warm-up (7:49)
6 x 1/2 mile intervals with 30 seconds rest between each (done on indoor track at the gym)
1) 3:28 (Avg HR = 162)
2) 3:33 (164)
3) 3:36 (163)
4) 3:45 (166)
5) 3:52 (166)
6) 3:43 (168)
1 mile cool-down (8:27)
Total Workout: 5.0 miles in 44:43

4.06 miles in 30:20 (7:28 min/mile pace) - just a little quick run in between downpours!!

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